Retorno / Inversor sincrónico 45

Artículo Nr.
50.82 €
IVA no incluido.
Datos técnicos

Techn. Data / Items supplied

  • Aluminium, anodized E6/EV1
  • Housing from profile 45 x 90
  • Sprocket galvanized steel, ready for installation
  • maximum weight of the lifting door with paired insertion of the pulley, 34kg
  • Weight = 0.340 kg/piece


  • Simultaneous opening and closing of two lifting doors running in the operate direction; doors are of similar weight
  • Post preferably aus profile 45x90 or 90x90.
    The side profiles of the doors preferably made of profile 90x32 or 45x90 guided by sliding roll element in the post.
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